Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Bloodhounded

You might recognize this contributor's name as one of the operators of CacheCrazy.  Kevin has returned the favor of posting on my blog and I am glad he did!  Kevin is the first out-of-state geocacher to be interviewed on here.  I enjoy following his blog and have kept in contact with Kevin via email.  I hope you enjoy reading his answers as much as I did!

How long you’ve been caching: Since February of 2009
Location: Northeast PA, The Pocono's
Number of caches found: 182
Number of caches hidden: 27

Q: Have you ever looked for a cache after dark? Describe your experience.
A: Yes, and not intentionally. We started a 4.5/4.5 at 4:30 PM in the afternoon and by the time we finally made it back to the car it was 10:30 PM. We found the final in the dark with only one flashlight between us I have to say it added a fair amount of difficulty to the find for sure. Then we got turned around (yes, even with the GPSr we went about two mile out of our way thinking we were on the right path, wrong.) In the end it was a blast.

Q: What’s the best part of geocaching? Are there any drawbacks?
A: For me personally, it's all about sharing your adventures with others and just plain old having fun. I am a hider who likes to seek too but that's just me.
The only drawback is that there is just not enough time to go as often as I like and the obsession  continues.

Q: Do you ever worry about anything when you are alone looking for a cache? (i.e. other people, getting hurt, animals)
A: I like to cache with groups but often go alone. Some times I will say that coming across a stranger out in the middle of nowhere is a little freaky. I don't trust people. I never worry about wildlife and always have some form of communication so just short of death by injury, I'm covered.

Q: What is the best way/strategy to get kids involved?
A: Great question! Children are the future of our sport. I have never had a problem taking a bunch of kids caching, I encourage it. All you have to say is, "who wants to go on a treasure hunt?" and you have a car full of kids excited to go! Reach out to scout troops, church youth groups, CYC or YMCA and The Big Brother Big Sister program will hook you up with a group as an event and who knows, maybe a little bro or sis on the go forward.

Q: What’s your favorite grab so far? Why?
A: Hands down, A Walk Into Darkness is my favorite because we were caching with a bunch of fun folks and the challenge was intense but fun and it took hours to complete. I loved it!

Q: What has been your most difficult or challenging find? Describe your experience.
A: To date it is North vs. South it's a black magnetic nano on a cannon in a small memorial of the Civil War. This cache drove me nuts! I was there three times and finally brought the whole family and we went over it inch by inch and my wife Dawn actually made the find. No matter, I was so happy to get this one off the list:)

Q: Do you have a least favorite cache? Why is it your least favorite?
A:  I never met a cache I didn't like! I do not have many finds because I really don't do geojunk. I see caches come up and read the logs that they were in ziplock bags, high traffic areas and such. I don't waste my time on stuff like that. There have been a few that I thought was going to be great and it turned out to be a "deflating" at best.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve found or taken from a cache?
A: I once found a real Swiss Franc in a cache, I still have it and traded a golden US dollar coin for it. I wish more folks would use foreign money in caches. It's cool and interesting to find not to mention what better to find in a treasure hunt than money, right? 

Q: What is the strangest or most unique place you’ve ever found a cache? Describe it.
A: Near my home is a VFW club that has a real US Vietnam helicopter that you can actually climb on board, strap yourself in and work all the controls. It's a great toy to play with and preserved fairly well. The cache was tough but I found it after about two hours of playing and seeking. Then I saw one day that the cache was archived! Say it ain't so! I got in touch with the CO and adopted that baby so kids of all ages can continue to live out the same experience that I had. Today it's called War Dogs and is a dedication to K9  units and the important role they play in today's military.

Q: Have you ever arrived at a cache and discovered someone was looking for it as well?
A: Yes, we were hell bent on getting a FTF on our friends geocache that he recently hid. When we got there the place was empty but within minutes a car pulls up and out pops a husband and wife team with the husband toting a GPSr. I knew right away that we were going to have company. We chatted and they turned out to be fun loving folks who were after the same goal. They ended up getting the FTF because we underestimated the time to do all of the stages and had to leave to take my son to a commitment. We did return the next day and made the find.

Q: Do you know of any altercations between cachers looking for the same cache at once?
A: I haven't heard of any negative altercations but have heard many stories of folks meeting folks and making friends.

Q: Have you ever been approached by the police or other muggles when looking for a cache, particularly after dark?
A: Once I was looking for a cache that was hid in a public park with a neat little walking trail and stages all along it. One particular stage was near the parking area and while looking a guy pulled up and asked "what are you looking for?" I told him I was looking for a geocache and before I could explain he asked "did you lose it right around there?" I just looked at him and shook my head "yes". He said "good luck with that" and drove off. 


  1. Great interview! Love the blog!!

  2. Great interview and a good subject (kevin)! Great pictures too! I'd like to know which cache that big slab of rock was near.

  3. Hey, thanks for having me! I'm a big fan and follower of Jenny's blog and consider her my friend. I'm happy to know all her friends and fans and hope you enjoy a little inside info on me.

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